My research is focused on correspondences and relationships between space, object and individual.
The shape of the place is the sculpture, and the place is the space of the relationship: all of this is represented by an autotelic procedural dimension, where the operation coincide with its finality.
I make use of materials with a well-defined shape, the objects; I ask the observer, assimilated into the work, to remove the knowledge he owns. The object, often reiterated, has got no usefulness beyond its specific role in the work as knowledge and reprogramming cognitive functions device, criteria and limit through which earning relationships, inspecting space, shape and content, organics nomenclatures  and autopoietics systems.
I start from irrelevant object or cultural fact, which I consider crucial to extend consciousness. I connect each part of the work through systems which enhance this principle: joint magnetic grafts, wooden and metallic supports which lose their support or connector functionality, actively assimilating itself into the inner dynamics of the work.
I cannot consider a work finished, as a formally fixed entity. The shape in itself does not have reason to being if it does not reflect a precise correlation; my work must necessarily confront with a space, therefore it can never be in the dimension of conclusion.

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